New Partnership With Connect Me Better

New partnership with

It’s 2023 and business is done differently than it used to be. One thing we are keeping the same, our customer service. For over 20 years, we have proven that the face to face system works for us and our clients. So much so that now, instead of representing one or two major clients, we are representing several.

Our team of Small Business Advisors is now able to speak to business owners and address more than one of their needs.

We can now offer solutions for water, energy, financials, telecom, and more.


Get the fastest speed in your area.  We work with fiber, wireless, VOiP, and satellite.


Working with a local energy broker, we are able to offer several different options to give the best value to our customers. We offer supply and solar to both business and consumers.


Insure your financial future. Offering life coverage, retirement planning, tax prep, health benefits and payroll services.  We can set you up with the protection you need.


We offer top of the line technology to enable a smart office and home.

Merchant Processing

Get the best rates for your transactions to keep more money in your business.

Office Supplies

A necessity for any office, we can help from paper and copiers to furniture and everything in between.

Customers Reviews

  • Ashley was extremely pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her in the future. Super service!

    Garry Slatnick

  • To ANYONE looking for an amazing career, where you can build long lasting relationships, take Incredible trips meet awesome people from coast to coast all while making a great living this is the spot for you! Great team building and no ceiling. If not for my unfortunate medical issues I’d be making 6 figures with the company. However when all is resolved I have no doubt in my mind that ill return.

    Brian Hogan

  • Ashley does an excellent job! She helped me with water delivery service few months ago and came back through with another awesome product. Ooma office!! Thank you so much.

    Michael Vardoulakis

  • I did a week long training with NCA Inc. Their commitment to personal and professional development is unmatched, and I am grateful to be a part of such a thriving and welcoming organization.

    Tyler Buck

  • Ashley’s persistent!! She has came by our office few times in the last year offering different services for our business and this time we were interested in what she had to offer!

    Gary Klopp

  • It was great working with Ashley! She’s knowledgeable and is not pushy at all!

    Debbie Schapiro

  • Ashley and Nick were super professional and very helpful answering all my questions and assisting me in getting set up for service.

    Marat Leon

  • She is very nice! Very friendly! She offer to help me a lot of the things!

    Johnny Qiu

  • Sweet people and provided good explanation of their services.

    Jose Figueiredo

  • A friendly and welcoming Staff. The interview process was pretty fast and smooth. They’re ready to help you on every stage of your carrier. I think I liked it.

    Paulo Di Maria

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