Why Us

NCA, Inc is committed to being the best at every level of what we do: for our clients, for our employees, and for the community in general. We are looking for people who share those same ideals. NCA, Inc is somewhat old fashioned: we value work ethic over a certain level of experience, and an optimistic attitude over a specific degree. We know that success is not guaranteed by just knowledge alone; we look for people who are concerned about their futures and who desire success for themselves.


What to expect when interviewing with NCA, Inc.

First off, submit your resume via email  or through our site or online ads.

Multiple interviews

Interviewing at NCA, Inc  is a thorough process. The preliminary interview consists of meeting with our Account Manager for about 30 minutes to discuss your resume and qualifications. From here, a second interview consist of spending time with one of our Account reps to see our client interaction. The third, and final, interview would be a meeting with our Account Manager.

Background Checks, Drug Testing, and Employment Verification

NCA, Inc maintains a safe working place for all of the staff. Any candidate offered a position at NCA, Inc will be subject to:

  • Employment Reference Checks
  • Background check


Our philosophies at NCA, Inc  are simple, but strong.

  • We strive to create an environment that is conducive to developing leadership core. We provide hands-on training at every level of the company.
  • We promote only from within our own company, and we reward employees based on their effort and dedication, not on seniority.
  • We advocate the principles of leadership and action over the title of management.
  • We encourage personal development, because we know that  the growth of our company will only occur if we endeavor to develop our employees to their fullest potential.
  • We train the senior level management staff ourselves, from the ground up-beginning at the entry level position.

Each candidate is trained in the basic strategies of sales & marketing in order to represent our clients successfully. These tasks include:

  • Meeting daily with various customers to present them with our clients services
  • Assisting in the daily operation of a growing company
  • Developing and implementing original training techniques and tactics to achieve internal goals
  • Developing strong  leadership skills to build a high performance, cross-function team environment
  • Managing external customers needs
  • Developing excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills


We begin by having each new hire take a simple exam which helps us understand how they learn best. We the customize our training to them. Not the way around.

We utilize a variety of teaching methods. Role playing, feedback session, class room, and on the job observational teaching to name just a few ways  in which  we help people master a set of skills.

We utilize technology to make information easy to access. Whether it is accessing our online training “University” or using your very own designated tablet to access client information quickly we will provide you with the tools you need to find the answers to all the questions you’re looking for.

Our clients get in on the fun. Many of our clients help provide several elements of our training which is designed to integrate them with in our process. On top of providing internal help desk support for our people to access, many clients go above and beyond by hosting quarterly conferences and visits from their own expert training professionals. By working closely with our clients in the development of our team we insure success.

We provide support through a mentorship  program. Everyone is assigned  a mentor to help guide them to their goals and be there when needed.

Once a candidate has proven themselves, we provide further management training. The remainder of training is discussed with our recruiting staff during the hiring process.

If you are interested in learning more about NCA, Inc pleas contact us.  We are always looking to surround ourselves with enthusiastic, ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals who are looking forward to an exciting future. We like to work with people that have a similar set of ideals and values.

Join Our Team. Open Positions.

Business Consultant and Sales Representative

B2B sales allows our client to help the small to medium size businesses in the area that they are not reaching by phone, direct mail, or television advertisements.  Our team meets the customer directly at their business location to ensure their needs are met and they are generating revenue for our client, but also creating value for the customer.

Consumer & Events Sales Representative

Our consumer and event sales representatives will meet with our customers on a lead generated system.  We meet with them to discuss their current needs and wants and offer new promotions and packages.

Event sales have gotten extremely popular and our team is asked to attend these several times a year.  Our team works at such events as the Maryland State Fair, Home & Garden shows, new openings of locations and more.  Our team travels throughout Maryland and DC and the consumers come straight to us.


The NCA, Inc internship is a twelve week program dedicated to helping students to succeed in the marketing world. Not only do they help with office responsibilities, but they also learn how to run a successful sales team from the ground up. As part of the office team they help to run efficient and energizing morning meetings, they work at connecting individuals  within the office, and develop profit reports so that the team at NCA, Inc  knows exactly what is and what is not working.

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