FAQ (Company)

What services do you offer your clients?

Simply put, connection.

The advantage of being in our portfolio of clients is that we are able to offer multiple products and services to our customers, by building long term relationships with them.  Our Business Advisors use these relationships to determine which customers are best suited for your services.  We represent their brand by working directly with current and future customers.

What tech do you use?

We utilize Salesforce to to offer a quick and secure way to sign up for products and services.

What makes you better than the competition?

Our network of Advisors have relationships with over 80% of customers in our market and are constantly adding new prospects.  We are able to utilize this network to build strong, long-lasting relationships, which result in returning customers for our clients, year after year.

Is this face to face?

Absolutely.  The best way to build a relationship with a customer is to listen to their needs and customize a plan for them, while addressing concerns and answering any questions they have.  However, since we are creating genuine and long-term relationships, we also use other forms of communication with our customers such as email campaigns and phone or text, whichever they prefer.

How do you train your sales force?

We use a combination of both virtual classroom-style training as well as on-the-job hands-on training. This way, we can make sure to adjust our training approach to each employee’s learning style.

How do you attract and retain new customers?

By creating genuine personal relationships and building trust between ourselves and the customer.

What reporting do you offer clients?

We utilize the Salesforce CRM platform to keep track of our daily customer activity. We provide our clients with daily metrics to show how we are constantly working toward our goals for them.